Boat Rental is a 5-step process :

For any boat rental Nice, you will have to bring and present us the 3 following elements:

1) THE BOAT LICENCE (except for our boats « without license » and rentals « with skipper »)
2) IDENTITY PART (Driver’s license and passport accepted)
3) CREDIT CARD (Payment and deposit). We accept credit cards, cash, and vacation vouchers. On the other hand, the deposit is made only by credit card.

Be careful, these elements are essential for your boat rental. In case of no-show, we will be obliged to cancel your boat rental.

pourlouerContract: check of documents, payment and signature.

This step takes place in our office. It is crucial for the correct development of your boat rental. We will identify the « skipper », the person in possession of the boat license and who will be responsible for the people and the boat throughout the rental. The documents are issued in duplicate, one for you and one for Rent my boat.

Security Deposit : operation and return.

The deposit is a provision or « pending payment » that allows us to ensure the payment of any damage that may have occurred during your boat rental in Nice. The amount is not debited from your account and we proceed to the cancellation of the payment together, after the inventory of fixtures of the boat return. The deposit is fully refunded if we do not find any damage on the boat. Please note that we keep the deposit for the time necessary to assess the damage.

Taking in hand of the boat and briefing of the captain.

We brief the captain on all the elements necessary to make you have a good day. We will discuss safety rules, important information related to navigation in the port of Nice, the navigation area and the operation of the boat. Our quay is simple to use and no difficult maneuvers are required. Our team is here to help you with departures and returns. Moreover, if necessary, we will accompany you for a handover in the port of Nice.

Inventory of the place of return

On your return, once the boat is moored on our quay, we will proceed together to the inventory of fixtures for its return. It is important to inform us of any shocks or damage that may have been caused. Some shocks require interventions in order not to damage the boat in a more important way.

Payment and return of security deposit.

Payments are made in full before your departure. Upon your return, a delay of more than 15 min is charged at the amount of one hour (based on 2 hours rentals). The deposit is cancelled if we find no damage.

Important: we put at your disposal boats with a full tank of fuel, and you must return them with a full tank (our wharf is common to the one at the station, our team is there to help you dock). According to our rental contract, it is forbidden to enter other ports than the port of Nice (except in case of force majeure), therefore, you must imperatively refill the tank in the station of the port of Nice. If you wish to pick up equipment, drop off or pick up people on board, you must inform us and do so on our quay.