Our boat’s rental process needs 5 steps :

For any boat location in Nice, it will be necessary to present to us the following 3 elements :

1) THE BOATING LICENSE except for our boats ” without licence ” and the rents ” with skipper/captain ”
2) IDENTITY CARD Driving licence and passport accepted.
 Payment and security deposit. The security depostig is only made with credit card. We accept credit cards and cash. On the other hand, the security deposit is only made in credit card.

Watch out, these elements are essential during your rent boat. In case of not presentation, we shall be in the obligation to cancel your booking..

pourlouerContract: check of documents, payment and signature.

This step takes place in our office. It is crucial for the good progress of your boat rental. We shall identify the ” captain “, the person in possession of the boating license and which will be responsible for people and for the boat throughout the rent. Documents are edited in double copies, one for you and one for Rent my boat.

Security Deposit : How it works and his cancellation.

The security depostif is a reserve or ” preautorisation  ” which allows us to assure insure us of the payment of the possible damages a risen during your rent boat Nice. The amount is not sold by your account and we proceed to the cancellation of the payment together, after the current situation of return of the boat. The pledge is entirely restored if we notice no damage on the boat. To note that we preserve the security deposit during the time required for the evaluation of the damages.

Handling of the boat and the briefing of the captain

We brief the captain on all the necessary elements to make you have a nice day. We shall approach safety regulations, important information bound to the navigation in the port of Nice, the zone of navigation and the functioning of the boat. Our platform is simple to use and no difficult operation is necessary. Our team is to help you in the departures and returns. Furthermore, if it is necessary, we accompany you for a handling in the port of Nice.

Current situation(Inventory of fixtures) of return

In your return, once the boat moored on our platform, we proceed together to its current situation(inventory of fixtures) of return. It is important to indicate to us quite shocks or damages having been caused. Certain shocks require interventions not to damage in a more important way the boat.

Payment and return of security deposit.

Payments are entirely realized before your departure. During your return, a delay of more than 15 min is charged to the amount of one hour on the basis of the rents of 2 hours. The security deposit is cancelled if we notice any damage.

Important: we provide you with boats with the full tank of gas, and you have to restore them with the height (our quay is common to that of the station, our team is to help you tie up). According to our rental agreement, it is forbidden to penetrate into the other ports that the port of Nice (except case of force majeure), that is why, you necessarily have to redo the height in the station of the port of Nice. If you wish to get back from the material, to put down or to get back persons on board, you have to inform us about it and do it on our quay.