location bateau nice

Boat’s owners, we wish to present you our service of renting management of boats and the requirements which characterize us:

picto location bateau propriétaire The safety of your boat: our team is formed to bring the biggest care to your boat during our laborers but also in the briefing of departure of our customers. The safety is a major point for us and we make sure that everything takes place at best by subscribing on one hand, in a « professional civil liability » with the company Generalli for our team and pledges adapted for our customers.
The departures require generally 30 minutes. During this briefing, we rise aboard boats with the customer to make the current situation of departure in 1st place (visual control and by photos). We approach in detail all the points of functioning, piloting, and life on board. According to needs and our expertise, we are brought to make a handling with the customer in the port of Nice so that he gets acquainted with the orders.
For the return of boats, our quay, situated at the level of the gas station is simple for laborers. Our team, present on quays, attends all the operations (departure, returns, full tank of gas). Our ideally situated departure quay assures you the good management of your boat. Finally, according to the size of boats, 5 at 10 minutes minimum are dedicated to a meticulous current situation. In case of observation of damage on the boat by the tenant, we make him sign a report giving evidence of damages of the boat and we impose the regulation of the repairs, the express when the damages are small and on estimate for the others. We do not free the pledge without payment, in the case of unavailability of the customer, we take the amount from the pledge. Also know that the ship remains assured by your own contract (« option rent » necessary).

picto-funYour own comfort: to trust us for the renting management of your boat does not mean that we are person who has right of way on your use. It is your good(property), your boat and we wish not at all that you abandon(give up) your use and the pleasure which it gets. The renting management of boat which we set up is planned for a use of your boat when you do not use him(it). We make profitable the time(weather) or your boat is alongside the quay. We agree together on a schedule early if you wish to block(surround) precise dates. For the rest, we work along with the current(on the fly). You have accés in the schedule when you wish it. Naturally, we realize adult leave the figure of affair(business) on the summer period (in July 15th – August 30th), also, he goes of our common interest that the boat is the most available possible over this period. In every case, your boat left with you with full, clean(appropriate), moored well with its armament of safety(security). A commitment which we respect scrupulously. You want to take the plunge? We are dice the beginning of your project by bringing you an assistance(audience) in the steps(initiatives) of insurance(assurance) and the interview(maintenance) of your boat (the revision engine and the fairing)

picto-easyThe profitability : it is not to an owner of boat that we shall explain that to possess a boat is a budget every year (10 % of its new value) We think of the place in the port, in the revisions, in the insurance, and the diverse equipment. When Rent My Boat assures his renting management, your boat is going to generate an income. This one will be split between you and our company. The part which returns to us allows to cover the whole process of rent which we commit on your boat (advertising, staff and material of rent, management of the reservations, the administrative follow-up, the rent of a premises of privative welcome of the customers and the pontoons of departures and arrivals). The part which returns to you will allow you to limit your annual expenses and most of the time, allows you to generate an income allowing to cover your own exits. This amount is to be declared in your annual incomes, thus in BALL-POINT not professional (not liable for the CFE and subjected to a moderate tax rate).